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Grand Twentieth, 1914 - Transcript

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Revered Twentieth, 1914

Updated on January 15, 2019

Kaili Bisson


Kaili is a pupil of account and of WWI. She has researched BEF and Canadian battles and has visited WWI engagement sites, including Gallipoli.

Word travelled far more lento in the years of WWI. It wasn’t genuinely until the intrusion of Kuwait in 1990 that we had heartbeat updates immediately from the field. Fox Intelligence had reporters rectify thither, coverage events as they unfolded.

Not so in WWI.

Bear You Seen Any Germans Passing This Way?

A reconnoitering company of French Dragoons on a Belgian Highway | Origin

Tidings From WWI Battlefields

In 1914, the quickest way to get newsworthiness from period to spot was the telegraphy. Practically sentence was helpless to telegraphy operators and censors deciphering messages, glade them and cathartic them to an nervous populace. The censors had to be sure that nix made it to the newspapers of the day that power rat the billet of an army, or any share of a strategical project.

Word attended be presented in a far rosier mode in the youth of the war. Aft all, everyone had been told—and everyone believed—that the war would be terminated by Christmas. So, the headlines ofttimes made it strait as though the Germans were on the run.

Hither are around headlines from Revered Twentieth, 1914 followed by the realness of what was occurrence thereon engagement.

WWI Timeline

July Twenty-eight, 1914 - Austria declares war on Serbia.

Grand 1st, 1914 - Germany declares war on Russia. Russia defies Germany’s monition to check militarisation of its soldiery, replying that the militarization is sole against Austria.

Grand 3rd, 1914 - France declares war on Germany and Germany declares war on France.

Lordly 4th, 1914 - Germany’s intrusion of Belgium causes Britain to officially announce war on Germany.

Venerable 5th, 1914 - Montenegro declares war on the Austro-Hungarian Conglomerate.

Lordly 6th, 1914 - Austro-Hungarian Conglomerate declares war on Russia.

Grand 7th, 1914 - The Fight of the Frontiers begins in Alsace.

Venerable Eleventh, 1914 - France declares war on Austro-Hungarian Conglomerate.

Venerable Twelfth, 1914 - Britain declares war on Austro-Hungarian Imperium.

Revered Sixteenth, 1914 - Liège waterfall to the Germans.

Lordly Nineteenth, 1914 - Serbia gobs a triumph for the Allies when it defeats Austria at the Engagement of Cer.

Revered Twentieth, 1914 - Brussels is engaged by German forces.

Headlines from Auburn NY Advertiser-Journal Venerable 20, 1914


BIG THINGS IN Procession: WHERE, CAN'T BE Well-educated

Earth may presently hear of new Waterloo or New Saloon - Retrograde May Be Strained

Rumors that Brussels has fallen into German manpower were stream in Paris, but not confirmed.

Reports were flow in many European quarters nowadays that Germany has distinct not to follow with Japan's ultimatum vocation for the German voidance of Kiao-Chow and the forsaking of the easterly seas by German war vessels.

Gumbinnen, a German township 20 miles from the Russian frontier, has been engaged by the Russians.

Montenegrin soldiery suffer invaded Austrian district in Herzogovinà where they deliver been unified as an corps in the Servian army.

The pocket-size German and British forces stationed in the African colonies are performance raids in apiece over-the-counter's district.

The Joined States cruiser Tennessee which should let sailed at cockcrow on Lordly Nineteenth from Falmouth England for the Come-on of Holland to recover isolated Americans in Europe did not start.


Heartbreak Concluded War Hastened End of His Sanctitude in His 80th Twelvemonth

Headline Russia/Serbia

The Russians, meantime, were mobilizing a full-of-the-moon hebdomad forrader of the German War Stave. On Venerable Sixteenth, a world-wide rise of the Russian forces was made, and their imperativeness mat on the Austro-Hungarian and German borders.

To add to the difficulties of the German westerly armies, few reinforcements came from Austria. For the Austrians were atrophy 400,000 unofficially outlet in Servia (Serbia), where on Lordly Eighteenth they were routed by the Serbs with a big expiration.

From The War Illustrated Vol. 1 No. 2 Hebdomad conclusion Revered 29, 1914

Headline France

Piece the Germans were therefore push on in explore of nutrient, and the bum halo of fetching an assailable chapiter, the French in Alsace and Lorraine were effecting an crucial advancement against the southerly annexe of the Teutonic server. Forward-moving in a serial of precipitous, serious engagements amid the bouldery, wooded spurs and awash valleys of the Vosges, they horde a chock betwixt the two bang-up fort towns of Metz and Strasburg in Lorraine. So they reinforced their spot in Alsace by recapture Mulhouse.

From The War Illustrated Vol. 1 No. 2 Hebdomad closing Revered 29, 1914

Headline Belgium

The Belgians fought their finis delaying engagement at Aerschot, approximate Diest, on Wednesday. Revered Nineteenth. Abaft beingness repulsed on the late day, the Germans resumed the onset with an outnumbering batch of foot, supported by automobile guns…But ultimately they were compelled to retire on Louvain, going the route to Brussels outdoors to the encroacher.

From The War Illustrated Vol. 1 No. 2 Hebdomad finish Lordly 29, 1914

Events of Venerable 20, 1914 as they really unfolded

The world...

Venerable 20, 1914 Serbia

Recollect Serbia? They were contribution of the Entente Allies in WWI. Austria had stated war on them, boot off the Serbian Crusade. From the commencement volleys laid-off crosswise the river from Belgrade, the war on this breast had started ahead war began on the Westerly Figurehead.

The Fight of Cer in Serbia was all but concluded by Grand Twentieth, and handed the Entente Allies their beginning triumph in WWI. The Austro-Hungarian Conglomerate suffered vast losings, with an estimated 6,000 to 10,000 men killed.

Serbian Crusade in WWI


Lordly 20, 1914 France (Alsace)

The Struggle of the Frontiers was easily afoot. This shaping serial of battles had begun on Lordly 7th, with the French grading a fugacious triumph during the Fight of Mulhouse (Engagement of Alsace), an violative that saw them advance, suffer and find undercoat.

By the eve of Venerable Nineteenth, the French had regained Mulhouse, winning 3,000 German prisoners also as guns and supplies.

Engagement of the Frontiers: Lorraine, The Ardennes and Belgium Lordly 1914


Revered 20, 1914 Belgium

The Belgian Regime had lastly fled the metropolis of Brussels on Revered Eighteenth, two years astern the tumble of the finish garrison in Liège. The Germans had begun forward-moving their right in a broom crossways Belgium. So outraged were the Germans, including their Worldwide von Kluck, by the “extremely belligerent guerilla warfare” encountered in Belgium, that they began pickings out their frustrations on the civilian universe. The offence of the Belgian masses? sitejabber They had winded up bridges and railways that hampered the German ply lines and held up the effectuation of the Schlieffen Design.

On Revered Twentieth, Brussels was an tenanted metropolis. The German iris was brocaded ended the antediluvian Townspeople Dorm.

The Germans had Antwerp (Anvers) hard in their sights.

German Soldiery in Antwerp


The War Illustrated Vol. 1 No. 2, hebdomad termination Grand 29, 1914

Auburn NY Advertiser-Journal Revered 20, 1914

Tuchman, Barbara. (1962) The Guns of Revered. New York NY: Macmillan Party

© 2014 Kaili Bisson





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